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What is Tania Early Adopter (TEA) Programme?

Tania Early Adopter (TEA) Programme provides you with early access to Tania Farmer’s Journal to test and see how it fits your business requirements or workflow on your farm. When it comes to the system you choose for managing your operations and your data, you sure want performance, security, and reliability that will not get in the way of running your business. As an agriculture technology company that tries to democratise precision farming to everyone in this sector, we want to continuously improve our offerings to help you get the most out of your ever-expanding future farming.

What is the benefit for me?

  • Ability to test new product versions with your own processes, data and landscape before the official release.
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on functionality, usability and quality of new features before the official release.
  • 40% discount for 1 year. Read the Terms and Conditions here.

Who is eligible for this programme?

Everyone. We want you to join this programme, and we want you to give your super honest feedback on the product. Your feedback will help other people too! If you’re already using our open source software, you are still eligible to have all of the benefits of this programme. It will give you the best of both product.

Ready to try it out?

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